About Us

Message from the President

As a young man, I helped my dad move bricks when the Portuguese Canadian Club of Strathroy was first built in 1977.  I played soccer on the fields, celebrated my children’s baptisms here, was married here . . . . like so many in our community, many of my life’s beautiful memories were experienced here at the Club. 

We are coming up on 50 years where a group of families had a vision for a place we now call the Portuguese Canadian Club of Strathroy, and thanks to the members, volunteers and community – they have been filled with spirit, laughter and so much love. We look to our younger and growing membership to create the memories in the next 50 years. 

Thanks to the passion of our Board of Directors, past and present, we remain a strong part of our community today and into the future.

Rui Alvernaz

Our Story

Built on a vision of celebrating Portuguese heritage, enthusiastic and passionate families established the New Canadian Club in 1972. Successful fundraising led to the construction of our main building in 1977 which houses the Banquet Hall.  Over the years we continued to expand and renovate, and the club was later renamed The Portuguese Canadian Club of Strathroy. 

As the community has evolved, so has our vision – recognizing and celebrating traditions and cultures from around the world and across our community. What makes us unique, makes us special – and we don’t want to lose that. That was the heart of discussion around a dining room table all those years ago and what makes the Club relevant today.

Mission Statement 

Built with community spirit, honouring family, friendship and traditions – the Portuguese Canadian Club of Strathroy is a place for creating fun, memorable experiences with amazing food and outstanding service at a beautiful indoor/outdoor venue.

Board of Directors

  • President: Rui Alvernaz
  • Vice President: John Salvador
  • Director: Maria Pereira
  • Director: George Baganha
  • Social Media Director / Secretary: Kim McArthur
  • Treasurer: Charlie Milhomens
  • Booking Coordinator: Miranda Jack
  • Director: Miranda Jack
  • Director: Don Jack